So, today at our literary society, somewhere in Nigeria West Africa, we will be studying A novel by Flora Nwapa titled “Efuru”.

I would like to write a synopsis of the story and do a critique from my point of view.

Flora Nwapa hails from Nigeria in West Africa and she has authored several books.  Efuru happens to be the main character in the fiction. And Flora was able to use the story to depict the culture of her immediate environment. Efuru is a successful lady in career and wealth. However, she seems not to be successful in terms of relationship and marriage as well as in having children. In two different situations and from two different men efuru is abandoned. Thus, she decides to dedicate herself to the lake goddess who is her reflection in some sense thereby remaining unmarried again.

A critique of the fiction by me: Stories that showcase the culture and situation of the setting and period can sometimes mislead. I don’t see any justifying reason why Efuru should end up as a priestess for the lake goddess.



2 thoughts on “EFURU

  1. well, the contest this days is quite different. this case is applicable even in our milieu. most persons; men and women, after facing a lot of disappointments withdraw into their cocoon and dedicate themselves to something that distracts them from the thoughts of rejection and ‘failure’. some find solace in NGOs some decide to be Feminists Advocate, some indulge in some causes like an opium just to ‘escape’ the reality and they find fulfillment in those things over time. Efuru is quite a read.

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