About yesterday road pics

So it was a bright and sunny day.Woke up quite early than not too usual and I Wasn’t comfortable. It was the first working day of a new week. And, I got to work a bit early.

Something was just not right. I was literally angered throughout the day Can’t even explain. While many of it was not intentional, Some were deliberate. After work I got a free ride from the junction of my office to a place close to my residence. I got down from the vehicle to be embarrassed by some uncouth drivers passing remarks about my “ass” (never experienced that in a along time)

Boarded another tricycle, then met someone I know, but hardly talk So we started talking, “Are you staying alone?” I stay alone.  “oh me am staying with my aunt” Then I started “talking things am not even asked” I was embarrassed by myself when I got home. Why was I just downloading like.. I mean, was I trying to be impressive? She hardly said something unless I asked her.

I am beginning to think I need to take hold of my tongue. I shouldn’t try to make by force friend or be impressive.



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