“Worry” is a killer of joy.


Many of us worry about things that are not and may never become reality. We worry what others may think of us. The keyword is always MAY. Perhaps the one thing on this earth that I believe to be of the most sacred is our mind. No one can peek in, violate, or stick a hidden thought recorder for that matter within your mind, atleast not yet. But  this notion of worry impedes us from being our true selves. We now stop to overthink the slightest of things. The never ending what if’s.  This constant worrying conditions us to behave a certain way…we create limitations upon ourselves based on the reiterations of fear.

We are doing a disservice to our selves when we worry about what others will think of us. The minute we project their possible judgments onto our thoughts we cease to be our authentic selves. “They” now…

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