Depression is real!! Recently, I was in a meeting where the issue of depression was extensively discussed and analysed. People mentioned reasons for which they get depressed and in my country several factors contribute more to the already innate tendency of getting depressed.

Here are few reasons:

  1. Failure
  2. Rejection
  3. Unhealthy relationships
  4. Unethical workplace
  5. Loss of a loved one.
  6. Bad marriage
  7. Unhealthy Friendships etc

The fact is, people go through depression almost all the time and they might not even know. Not taking the proper step or doing the needful can aggravate the issue.

Antidepressants and mood stabilizers can help curtail the situation. But much depends on our decisions and daily lifestyle.

Personally, I get depressed, so I protect my space a lot so as not to have mania and for a long time I didn’t. But, there was a job I got where at the beginning was exciting but realising later several unpleasant things got me depressed. I was always very sad and unhappy having to show up at work every everyday before I knew it, I started having recurrent mania I had to quit and I was relieved.

Our mental health is very important and no circumstances should make us stay or remain where our peace and sanity is threatened. God will not want that for us either.

4 thoughts on “Depression

  1. Thanks to goodness, you stepped aside from the job. Depression is real my dear. In Nigeria, it is rife. it is like MTN- everywhere you go. Most persons go through depression everyday hiding them behind a smile. next thing, you here of suicide. But many persons, unlike you, are stuck in their depressing jobs because of the economic situation and they end up transferring the aggression on others.
    we all need help. we should never be shy of seeking for help. (just yesterday someone posted on twitter complaining of depression. thank God she got help).
    Nice write up!

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