Jedi had been lying on the floor for about 30 minutes before Sophia came and revived her. She looked straight into her friend’s eyes, then bursted into tears again. “I can’t take this, why will Jude do this to me even with my condition”

Sophia looked at her perplexed still oblivion of the situation. “okay, please calm down and tell me what happened”. You won’t believe another woman texted me with my husband’s phone telling me not to look for him and he is going to be with her for along. “What on earth! The audacity!” Men never cease to amaze me. Can you just imagine, So Jude has been cheating on me all this while. I just want to die.

Sophia turned to her friend, how can you even think like that Jedi, die because of a man. Not when am here. Nevertheless, we can’t conclude without hearing from your husband. There should be an explanation for this. But, we need to go and see the doctor today. No Sophy, just forget it I don’t want to see anyone till I hear from Jude.

Sophia collected Jedi’s phone and put a call across to her husband. Eight times the phone rang and there was no response. At this point, Mrs Boris was almost going crazy. “I knew it, he won’t pick, If I ever see him I will kill him and kill myself” Jedi calm down please, just put yourself together and let’s think of a way to get through this strange woman that has captured your man. After pacing up and down the well furnished living room, an idea popped up in Sophia’s head…

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