“I think we should call him with my second number and if the strange woman picks, I will pretend to be a business client waiting for him at the office. That way, we should be able to talk to him”.  Okay, I just want to talk to Jude and squeeze life out of him. Jedi replied.

Sophia: Hello

Strange woman: How can I help you

Sophia: I will like to speak with Mr Jude

Strange woman: who are you?


Strange woman: Hello, I said who are you?

Sophia: Well, this is Mrs. Bruce his business partner kindly put him on the phone

Strange woman: He will not be able to talk to you now but he will get back to you.

Sophia: Kindly tell him he has just 30 minutes to get back to me or I will call off the deal and get my money back. Bye. (drops the call).

“Now we just have to wait for him to call back” The two friends sat down on the chair staring at the phone on the table in front of them.

. . . .                             

Dropping the phone back on the bed. She hurriedly dressed up, packed her things and removed the fifty thousand Jude had in his wallet.  Then she hesitated, and left a thousand naira for his transportation with a note:

“Hello handsome, welcome back from paradise, am sure you enjoyed your self last night, well, if you can’t remember kindly check the bathroom. Mrs Bruce called and she is waiting for you. For your own safety, don’t try to look for me”

All what Jude could remember correctly was going into the bar to have a drink with the beautiful stranger after getting down from the bus. He taught his brain was playing some tricks on him feeling like he just woke up from a trance. ‘Not so ‘Rather, it was the beautiful stranger that played some dirty tricks to sleep with him and rip him of some cash. For the strange woman, she carefully targets and seduce her victims drug them and rapes them. (Strange you say… Well, women now rape men). It was quite unfortunate that Jude fell into her trap that day.

He picked up the note beside him on the bed, checks his phone and Suddenly, he screamed NO! NO! God! How did this happen to me? Oh my wife! Jude dialed the last number on his call log:

Jude: Hello

Sophia: Mr Jude why did you do this to your wife?

Jude: Please who am I speaking to? Am so confused right now

Jedi snapped the phone out of her friend’s hands,

“Jude you left me for a strange woman, My God will Jugde you.

Jude: Honey am so sorry, please I will explain when I see you.

They have only been married for 2 years and now, there is an accidental infidelity.

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