It’s the last day of the year!

Black and white

I took a deep breath and reflected on the past year

The highs and lows like the sea waves

The success and the failures

The achievements and disappointments

The setbacks and the progress

The breaking down and the rising up

The dark days and the sunny days

Days I didn’t feel like continuing but I continued

Times I felt like giving up but still kept on

In all, my accomplishments this year overwhelms me personally (and I haven’t started yet)

I asked myself, how did I do it?

I don’t how and I can’t explain

But, one thing I did was ‘move’

And I kept moving.

So, I would like to say Thank You to God and everyone, I mean every single person that gave me a little push in the right direction.

As I welcome the new year,

My shoes are buckled, my lace tied and I am ready to start moving again, one step and one day at a time. So Help me God!


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