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I peeped from the tiny opening in the wall,

I saw my brothers and my neighbours,

The elders, the weak, the feeble,

I saw children and youths,

Throwing stones at one another and running,

I saw a man wearing cassock and vest,                                           

With the book of the law in one hand,

and a machete in the other,

I peeped and I saw a white bearded man,

wrapped with turban from head to neck,

with the holy book in one hand a knife in the other,

Chanting songs of war

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So I asked, who did this to us?

Who deceived us into slaying one another?

Why are we destroying ourselves?

Shedding blood and bathing in them

Was it not on this land?

That our fore-fathers stood together,

And fought together, to secure our freedom and unity,

The Imam gladly stood next to the priest holding hands,

Singing songs of freedom,

Why then, do we now live in fear

and hatred created by us?

Why then, do we glory in slaying our neigbhours?

And rejoice in the massacre of our own people,

I asked, when did we become hungry and thirsty for that red liquid   

That flows in our body?

Image gotten from shutterstock

Throw away the stones and the machetes,

Throw away the anger and the hatred,

Throw away the grudge and the offense,

Settle the feud and the schism

And let’s embrace one another

Remember, we are all HUMANS!


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