Happy Thanksgiving

The Old Man

The weather looks friendly, surely the elements are not ready for a shower. The Old man set out, he walked staggerly on the narrow road that leads to the next village, it will soon be dark and so he used his not much strength to walk faster with his shaky legs and his supportive stick.

After walking like 10metres away from his neighbourho he suddenly felt a weight droped on him from the back, he turned and looked but saw no one, he kept walking after another four steps he felt the weight hit him again, he turned and looked around ” who’s there” he managed to say but no response. So, he thought about an idea.

Next, he decided he would walk backwards and he would see who or what the object was. He had only taken 6 steps when he fell..

Chronicles of Mrs (Part 111)

Jedi opened her eyes in the hospital, she looked around the room from one object to another, sitting at the tip of the bed was Jude looking pale. He was fast asleep. Looking straight at him she said aloud:

Jedi: where is sophy?

Jude jacked up

darling you are awake, how are you feeling, I’ve really got a lot to explain

I said where is sophy?

Jude: she left about an hour ago to get you something to eat, I didn’t want to leave your side. I wanted you to wake up and see me beside you, I can say I achieved that

Jedi: I see, congratulations

He drew his chair close and held her hands

Jude: A million apologies can’t change or correct what has happened, but, you need to hear me out, I was drugged believe me, It was never intentional.

Jude we have only been married for two years, how could you? I need a break.

“From what?”

Sophia resounded as she entered the room with a basket of fruits and her friends favourite meal ‘yam porridge’. Jude turned around and saw Sophia, her countenance of disdain. He cleared his throat; “Sophy you are back, thank you. Please give us a moment. Walking straight to her friend on the bed while she droped the basket of food on the small drawer just beside her, she replied “ofcourse I will, but that’s after she has eaten her food right infront of me. This comes first. (One will think, shouldn’t he have been the one saying or doing that). Meanwhile Jedi was steering at the hospital ceiling her gaze fixed on it seemingly lost in thought. Then she said:

Jedi: I don’t want to eat anything, I want to talk to Mr Rich

Sophy: Not when I‘m here, you will eat, if not for you at least for that young blood in you

All the while, Sophia really had lot in her thoughts…

George Floyd

For George…


Let Monument Valley crack and crumble
the Statue of Liberty fall to her knees in tears
another black man has been executed

A knee on the throat intent to murder
a man who never resisted arrest
that he was black gives license

Let the smoke block out the sun and moon
will American institutions wake up now
let there be another revolution for equality

Chrissie Morris Brady
Instagram: @purbeckpoet


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How I focus

When distracted, focus

When discouraged, focus

When disappointed, focus

When neglected, focus

When affected, focus

When dejected, Focus

When you downcast, focus

When accepted, focus

When promoted, focus.

When you’ve succeeded, focus.

Be positive, just continue…


Oh Earth!
How is it that you brought this upon us?
Nature cry out, so do the living and the dead
How is it that this deadly disease paid an unwanted visit?
How long does it plan to stay?
When the living throw caution away
Unimaginable things happen
Could it be that you waited this long to strick?
Even the powerful has become powerless
Your grip on human seems so tight
You don’t want to let go.

Long walk… to success

Years back, I experienced a serious setback at some point and my youth pastor at that time recommended a book for me to read “it will help you” he said. Enthusiastically, I bought the book and started reading like my redemption depended on it. Written by a renowned writer and speaker, the book fueled the rage to get back on my feet and keep pursuing goals. After reading about the experiences of successful people and the failures they overcame before succeeding, I made up my mind never to give up. The book changed my entire perspective about “failure’ from that day I embraced it like a lover. Failure became an assurance of success for me.

Failing Forward By John Maxwell

Peradventure you encounter failure at a point and you feel like giving it all up, just imagine it like a giant or wild animal standing on your way of getting through a door that leads to your freedom and treasure house, ofcourse, you will feel fear but remember “fear is just a growling animal with no teeth” In this scenario there are two choices:

1) Turn back and accept “fate”ù


2) Fight the giant and enter your treasure house or die trying.

Success means different things to different people. But I have chosen to succeed or die trying. I won’t settle for less. In the end it’s all about the choices we make.

Recently, I watched a movie titled “Harriet”. (highly recommended) It’s a true story of a slave called by that name during the slave era in America.  Even though there were many slaves who accepted the situation and just continued surviving in the oppression, Harriet took the risk and ran. There was a particular scene that got me thinking, while running away, she got to a bridge and was surrounded by her master’s armies ready to capture her. Now faced with two choices; to surrender or jump into the ocean. She said “I either die or be free”. She chose the latter and guess what? she survived and later became an abolitionist.                                                                                          

The Movie Harriet
Real Life Harriet Tobman (late)

(who knows maybe centuries from now, my story, struggles and success will be adapted into a movie  too. Just Saying)

I know not everybody can be a hero(ine) but, we can all learn to embrace failure or obstacle and not get intimidated by it. I have not read or heard of anyone who was awarded for giving-up. So, like John Maxwell said “the next time you fail, remember to fail forward.

Below is my short piece about FAILURE;

Most dread the sound of the word

Only few embrace it

The fear of it has grounded many

But is failure that terrible?

It can be likened to grease that makes your passage smooth

Every fall teaches you a lesson and makes you stronger

Failure is like a ladder you climb to success

Image from shutterstock

It is inevitable

Most successful people in the world have failed in several endeavours

Thomas Edison failed 99 times before he succeeded in inventing the light bulb

Henry Ford went broke five times before he succeeded

Shutterstock image

Every failure births a new path to achieving success

Any time you fall, dust yourself and move forward

Try harder and keep trying till you achieve your goal

No one has ever been credited for giving up

Failure should intensify your desire to succeed

So, the next time you fall

Get Up!


Image gotten from shutterstock

I peeped from the tiny opening in the wall,

I saw my brothers and my neighbours,

The elders, the weak, the feeble,

I saw children and youths,

Throwing stones at one another and running,

I saw a man wearing cassock and vest,                                           

With the book of the law in one hand,

and a machete in the other,

I peeped and I saw a white bearded man,

wrapped with turban from head to neck,

with the holy book in one hand a knife in the other,

Chanting songs of war

Image from getty images

So I asked, who did this to us?

Who deceived us into slaying one another?

Why are we destroying ourselves?

Shedding blood and bathing in them

Was it not on this land?

That our fore-fathers stood together,

And fought together, to secure our freedom and unity,

The Imam gladly stood next to the priest holding hands,

Singing songs of freedom,

Why then, do we now live in fear

and hatred created by us?

Why then, do we glory in slaying our neigbhours?

And rejoice in the massacre of our own people,

I asked, when did we become hungry and thirsty for that red liquid   

That flows in our body?

Image gotten from shutterstock

Throw away the stones and the machetes,

Throw away the anger and the hatred,

Throw away the grudge and the offense,

Settle the feud and the schism

And let’s embrace one another

Remember, we are all HUMANS!

Ways to Become A Happier Person

Be happy always

Be Inspired..!!

“I just want to be happy!”Whether you have said this, or heard it from someone else, it’s a pretty common theme in our current culture. Everyone wants to be “happy.” The only problem is they don’t know what this means or how to make it happen.

Happiness comes from the activities we engage in andattitude we hold. Learning to fill up our “half-empty glass,” finding value and opportunities in setbacks, and intentionally engaging in positive experiences can all be ways to live a happier life.Happiness is an emotion, and just like all other emotions it’s fleeting and impermanent, however there are certain activities and ways of living that can help uscreate a happier life.

Below you’ll find some keys to happiness :

  • Show Gratitude. Sorry for overdosing on gratitude posts but gratitude is important. A simple thank you, to God, the sky, earth, to the universe or to no…

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