Chronicles of Mrs (Part 1)

The Clock Ticked, it was 12 midnight. He glanced at his phone… No missed call, What happened? How did I get here?

Few days ago, Jude was on a trip to Abada to seal the deal he has worked so hard to get. He took a train, and sat on a not too comfortable seat reading the magazine he bought at the store. “Hello mister, can I sit beside you please?” The sonorous voice sounded like those of walking angels on earth as Jude raised up his head. Standing before him was a charming young lady. “Oh ofcourse, it will be my pleasure” he responded. The rest was history.

At home: she stood still, after pacing up and down the mini room with much restlessness. Suddenly, her phone beeped. It was a message “Hello Miss, you’r looking for your man, well I have got him right here and for a very long time” She fainted…

Jedi wake up, please wake up. The chillness and wetness sank into her skin and she jacked up. “My phone, oh why is this happening to me, how can Jude do this. We need to get you to the hospital resounded sophia, you are clearly not ok. Sophia has been trying to reach her close friend for up to 2 hours. The duo had booked an appointment with Dr Bendy about two weeks ago and Jedi was meant to pick her up. She knew she was on the wrong for haven’t called her since five days but its not enough for Jedi not to pick her calls, something is definitely wrong. She grabbed her bag and with full speed zoomed off to her friend’s house. There she met Jedi lying on the floor…

Since B&N was sold (no panic neccessary….related article links below) and since Instagram went down (again), the time is right to repost this message. It’s long but I recommend reading all the way through. It was originally published December 5, 2018 after Facebook went down. Since then both Facebook and Instagram have had continual […]

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M > Made of Gold

O > Ordained to Nurture

T > Teacher of all

H > Household Keeper

E > Excellent in Nature

R > Ready.

mothers are wonderful. Be a good mother!!


Depression is real!! Recently, I was in a meeting where the issue of depression was extensively discussed and analysed. People mentioned reasons for which they get depressed and in my country several factors contribute more to the already innate tendency of getting depressed.

Here are few reasons:

  1. Failure
  2. Rejection
  3. Unhealthy relationships
  4. Unethical workplace
  5. Loss of a loved one.
  6. Bad marriage
  7. Unhealthy Friendships etc

The fact is, people go through depression almost all the time and they might not even know. Not taking the proper step or doing the needful can aggravate the issue.

Antidepressants and mood stabilizers can help curtail the situation. But much depends on our decisions and daily lifestyle.

Personally, I get depressed, so I protect my space a lot so as not to have mania and for a long time I didn’t. But, there was a job I got where at the beginning was exciting but realising later several unpleasant things got me depressed. I was always very sad and unhappy having to show up at work every everyday before I knew it, I started having recurrent mania I had to quit and I was relieved.

Our mental health is very important and no circumstances should make us stay or remain where our peace and sanity is threatened. God will not want that for us either.

English as a Unifying Language.

Quite often, I wonder how the world would be without English. This language without any doubt has played a significant role in bringing people, cultures and diverse religion together.

Accross the nations and continent people have learn to cohabit and relate with one another through the use of English. The history and evolution of English Language is quite fascinating and it has remained a living language.